Breast Actives Program Review


Today I’m excited to review Breast Actives for you because it is my favorite natural breast enlargement product on the market. Breast Actives comes as a package with both pills and cream. I really like the fact that it is sold as a package because studies have shown that Breast Actives is most useful when you use the pills and cream together. So they don’t even bother with the option of taking one or the other. Breast Actives will most likely give you an increase of anywhere from 1/2 to two cup sizes while at the same time enhancing breast firmness, the shape, and tone. You will probably start to see results within about a month, but full results will take four to six months. I really do recommend that you use it for the full six months to make sure you are getting the full benefit.

This product works permanently, so your breast won’t shrink back to their original size after you stop using Breast Actives. That said the cells of our breasts to shrink with age. So over time, you will continue to experience an natural reduction in size. No worries, though. All you need to do is take a two-week maintenance dose every three or four months, and you will be just fine.


So let’s start by looking at the pills. As you can see, they are not large, and they will be really easy to swallow. You want to take one in the morning with breakfast and one in the evening with dinner. Make sure you drink a large glass of water with each dose and increase your water intake throughout the day as well.

The Breast Actives pills contain 8 active ingredients that all support breast enlargement and hormone balancing. I really like the fact that Breast Actives uses eight different active ingredients because I think that the ingredients work well in combination and tend to complement each other.  The top three ingredients are fenugreek, fennel, and Dong Quai. All three have been used in traditional medicine, and all three have been shown in studies to contribute to breast enlargement.

Now let’s move on to the cream. As you can see, it has got an excellent texture. It is not greasy, and it has a very light pleasant scent. One of the things I really like about the Breast Actives system is the fact that the cream and the pills have different active ingredients. Some of the other breast enhancement products on the market, the pills and creams have the exact same ingredients, so they do the same thing as opposed to working together.


In this case, the main active ingredient in the cream is Pueraria  Mirifica extract. Pueraria Mirifica is a herb that grows in Thailand that is generated a lot of interest in the medical community lately.